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We welcome you, lovers of enjoyable cruise vacations in Hamilton! We are a team of Hamilton Harbour Queen enthusiasts, and we can’t live without cruising. Even this text you’re reading right now, we’re posting while on one of the exciting cruises in the Hamilton region. Are we sitting still? That’s not for us! We’re all for active, varied and just plain exciting vacations with raucous parties and unforgettable memories.

Today we’re excited to tell you a thing or two about lake cruises in the city of Hamilton.

Why Is Hamilton So Appealing?

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Those who favor large-ship cruises won’t be disappointed by a trip to Bermuda. Still, unfortunately, neither the mouth of Hamilton Harbour nor the port facilities in town can accommodate larger ships.

This means that cruise ships based in Hamilton, Bermuda’s capital city (or even at the lovely St. George’s), must now go to King’s Wharf. This trend is expected to continue (also known as the Royal Navy Dockyard).

However, this does not imply that one must avoid visiting Hamilton: the Dockyards are only a short boat trip away from the city.

We can organize trips and parties for any number of participants. For example, most recently one of our boats hosted prize winners presented with a sea tour under a VIP programme.

In any case, it is strongly recommended that you pay for a trip to Hamilton in advance. It is also the location that receives the most tourists due to the abundance of tourist attractions that can be found there, including Bermuda’s most recent addition, the Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute.

Walking is a great way to view the majority of the sites. You’ll fall in love with the quaint pastel-colored two-story buildings that line Front Street as you stroll around this gorgeous port town (take a break inside the Par-La-Ville Gardens on Queen Street).

In addition to the breathtaking views from vantage points such as the Anglican Cathedral and Point Pleasant, there is also a “birdcage” that is a must-see. It is located near Queen Street and is where constables in Bermuda shorts regulate traffic. All of this colorful and somewhat bustling town’s history has contributed to making it what it is today.

Hamilton was established in 1790, but it wasn’t until 1815 that it became the capital of Bermuda. The colonists chose Hamilton as the capital because of its central location on the island, which they considered allowed for expansion.

Henry Hamilton, a British Lieutenant Ruler and the island’s governor (1788 – 1794), was honored with the naming of the port city because his family could be traced back to Mary, Queen of Scots.

Perhaps this helps to explain why strong allegiance to England encompasses so much more than simply a love of fish and chips and cricket matches.

Other Noteworthy Aspects of Hamilton

The proximity to the beaches is ideal, especially considering the popularity of golfing here. You will be tempted to purchase magnificent porcelain and cashmere till the cows come home, and the nightlife is not terrible either. However, keep in mind that we compare it to the rest of Bermuda, not Las Vegas or Miami.

Despite this, Hamilton’s Front Street transforms into the epicenter of the island’s party scene every Wednesday evening at six o’clock, when the majority of the cruise ships that visit Bermuda are docked at one of the island’s ports. The street is closed to traffic, and the sidewalks are lined with food concession stands, live music, and plenty of opportunities to dance. You may dance till three in the morning at After Hours, The Deep, or Splash.

Why Should You Travel to Hamilton?

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The location’s ease of access to beaches, shopping, restaurants, and historical sites makes spending time here a breeze. Moreover, due to Bermuda’s historical links to the United Kingdom, the island features an abundance of golf courses, clubby restaurants, and places to have afternoon tea.

The fact that Large ships can’t dock in Hamilton may constitute a disadvantage. However, alternatively, you can take a ferry from King’s Wharf for a fee. 

Hamilton Cruise Port Facilities

Ships are located just a few short feet away from the shops on Front Street, the Ferry Landing, plenty of restaurants, and more than enough tourist attractions to spend a whole day. So you won’t have to go very far to get whatever you desire. 

To know your future, you must first know your history. That’s a great phrase. And before you go on cruise vacations in Hamilton, we recommend reading this article on the history of Hamilton.

Lake Cruises in Hamilton

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Not sure where to turn about a cruise in Hamilton?

We’re ready to help you with that and have already selected several companies that do such cruises:

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